Our 2021: great results
for the animals

Every year that comes along never seems to contain enough time for all the ideas and projects we have in mind. However, the year that has just come to an end was very important for Essere Animali, as we were able to celebrate and look back on the first ten years of the life of the organisation and review everything that we have been able to achieve in this period.

But above all it has been a year full of results, in which we managed to obtain important victories for the animals. We also have each and every one of you to thank for these results: everyone who participates in our activities, sends a protest email, signs a petition, makes a donation or simply shares a video to help raise awareness.

Thank you for choosing to be on the side of the animals with us!

ban on fur farms

The ban on mink farms is a goal that we had set ourselves since we first began documenting and filming the conditions of these structures in Italy in 2011. With our Visoni Liberi (Free Minks) campaign, we have since released numerous investigations, carried out demonstrations and campaigns, stopped the opening of new farms and undertaken legal actions that have contributed to the closure of five farms.

The last mink farms that are still active in Italy will have to close this year and will soon be just a memory. Thankfully there are no fox and chinchilla farms in our country, as these closed many years ago.

foie gras off supermarket shelves

After protests outside supermarkets and major online campaigns, in 2021 we obtained the last missing pieces of the puzzle and successfully closed the #ViaDagliScaffali (#OffTheShelves) campaign, launched in 2015 following an investigation into French farms that produce foie gras.

Today, almost 13,000 supermarkets belonging to the main chains of major retailers have chosen to stop selling this cruel product.

An investigation team
that never stops

Investigations that left their mark

In 2021, we released 7 new investigations, revealing serious issues on fish and chicken farms, on pig and dairy farms producing for major brands, on mink farms for fur and also during the transport of lambs for Easter.


Once again, our investigation team did not stop for a moment this year, carrying out a very high number of checks on farms, selecting them on a random basis or following reports, and also accompanying journalists and photojournalists.


Our undercover investigators spent 685 hours working undercover on farms and in slaughterhouses, putting themselves at great risk and witnessing terrible animal abuse.


Our investigations were not only broadcast by Tg1 and various regional news programmes, they were also featured in investigative programmes such as Cartabianca, Indovina chi viene a cena and Tv7.

Essere Animali has a solid investigation program that supports the rest of the campaigns strategically and helps increase the impact of the entire animal rights movement.
Animal Charity Evaluator has recognized Essere Animali as a Standout Charity, listing us among the most effective organizations in the world


In addition to the investigation work, that of our legal department continues and this year we can summarise our activities as follows:

  • 8 reports and complaints filed
  • 3 successful appeals and oppositions
  • 3 trials initiated against farmers
  • 1 farmer convicted
  • Over 226,000 animals on the farms involved in our legal activities



Our MenoPerPiù (LessForMore) project reached and educated over 66,000 company employees in Italy on the impact of food. We also helped to train chefs to improve the offerings in various canteens, successfully introducing more plant-based options and reducing to just 50% the number of dishes with meat and/or animal derivatives, as in the case of the Bergamo headquarters of the multinational Alfaparf.

io scelgo veg


The IoScelgoVeg (IChooseVeg) site, created to present useful information and tools to help people change the way they eat, has become a reference point in Italy over the years, so much so that in 2021 it had over 460,000 visitors. And this year we decided to expand the project, creating an Instagram page that already has over 35,000 followers and also a very popular podcast, our first audio project.


Once again this year, our projects that get people to try a plant-based diet were a great success: in fact, we managed to get over 60,000 people involved. By means of Settimana Veg (Veg Week) alone, we calculated that at least 14,000 animals were saved from being eaten! And for Veganuary, of which we are the official partners in Italy, we obtained the participation of numerous companies which promoted their plant-based options and the project during the month of January, inviting their community to try vegan food for a month.


This year, in addition to a new investigation into sea bream and sea bass farms in Greece, we were invited to talk about the problems encountered in our investigations during the plenary session of the European Parliament, at which the meeting of the Intergroup on the Welfare and Conservation of Animals took place. We discussed the same issues in meetings with industry organisations and major retail chains.

sub vicino una vasca di pesci d'acquacoltura


During 2021, we put the spotlight on intensive fish farms in many ways. We carried out an underwater campaign to show the otherwise invisible cages in which these animals are imprisoned and also brought journalists from the Rai Cartabianca programme to document these farms with us. For Ocean Week, we also covered an entire metro stop in Milan with posters showing how fish consumption has a serious impact on life in the seas.


Together with numerous other associations, we organised an information campaign and contacted numerous MEPs with whom we managed to persuade the EU to block Amendment 171 and to back down on further restrictions on plant-based substitutes for dairy products, a move that was strongly desired by the animal exploitation lobby. It will no longer be necessary to change all the packaging and communication of these products.

No Animal Left Behind

The first part of this international campaign, which aims to obtain a revision and concrete amendment of the legislation on animals reared throughout Europe, ended with 198,245 signatures collected by the 79 member organisations. Essere Animali collected the largest number, also thanks to our investigations that attracted a great deal of attention from the public and the media.

Scrofa rinchiusa in una gabbia


Together with other Italian associations, we launched the #BugieInEtichetta (#LiesOnTheLabel) campaign to ask that the decree which could permit the inclusion of the words ‘animal welfare’ on the labels of animal products be revised. This misleading certification would at present also include products from standard factory farms, which apply non-existent levels of animal welfare and which, for aspects such as the cutting of piglet’s tails, operate outside the law.


Abuse and illegalities on farms and in slaughterhouses: this year, we created a site that allows people to report them in confidence. This is the first project of its kind in Italy and has gained ample media coverage. We have already received over 70 reports from neighbours or former workers, and after careful analysis our investigation team has already intervened in all the situations in which it was possible to do so.


9+ million views of our videos on the web

60,000+ people who participated to Settimana Veg and Veganuary

280,000+ signatures collected

1.3 million+ people who visited our websites

561,000+ people our community on social networks

7000+ activists in our Action Center

Although the past year was also a difficult one for the organisation of public activities, we still managed to carry out campaigns and leafleting and hold public events and even festivals.

And as for online campaigns, thousands of you participated in direct mobilisations to the European Parliament to stop the censorship of plant-based alternatives to dairy products, as well as those to the Italian government to call for a ban on mink farms and a stop to #BugieInEtichetta (#LiesOnTheLabel). Together, we are stronger!

With your support, we can do even more!

Imagine a world without slaughterhouses, cages and animal violence. The road is still long and uphill, but with your help we will continue to do our best to build the future we want.

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