Our goal is
to save animals

We don’t just want to expose problems, we aim to solve them by means of concrete projects.

We defend the most exploited and least protected animals, looking for the most effective ways to achieve results.


The cameras of the brave and professional investigators of the Essere Animali team enter farms and slaughterhouses to bring to light the terrible suffering endured by animals. Our investigations allow millions of people to see the reality of factory farming and make positive choices for animals.



We organise campaigns aimed at companies and institutions, with a view to promoting laws and changes to company policies. We are aiming for a ban on the rearing of fur animals and the use of animals in circuses, and are persuading the main supermarkets to stop selling exceptionally cruel products such as foie gras or to ban the practices that are most harmful to animals.



On the basis of our investigations, we are taking factory farms to court on charges of animal abuse. This has never happened before in Italy. The aim is not only to penalise and eliminate unlawful practices and widespread violence, but above all to change the status of so-called farm animals who currently have virtually no rights at all.




The best way to change this food system is not just to show the many reasons to do it, but to support both people and companies in this shift, with the most comprehensive toolkit. We do this with many programs that reach and engage hundreds of thousands and by supporting companies in changing menus at their canteens or bringing new plant-based products into the market.



In just a few years, the activities of Essere Animali have reached tens of millions of people through TV, media, or on the web. We organize demonstrations and stalls in the streets, festivals, training and conferences, but we mostly focus on daily communication on social media and collaborations with journalists and newspapers, platforms that help us increase the support for Animal Rights.


Make a donation to help animals in need


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