Our legal department makes optimal use of the law to defend the animals that enjoy least protection

Not only do we report those who abuse animals, we use all the legal means at our disposal to ensure that the perpetrators go to court and are convicted. At the same time, we are fighting for the abolition of all practices considered cruel by the majority of the population and for progress in the legal status of so-called farm animals through new and increasingly advanced protection laws.

1st trial in Italy for animal abuse on a factory farm

Closed a farm with 10,000 rabbits

Closed 1 huge pig factory farm

Had 8 mink farms shut down

20+ charges following investigations

Defending animals in court is an honour and a commitment that I carry out with passion and tireless determination: in each individual case, I am actually representing millions of animals who deserve justice
Lawyer Alessandro Ricciuti, head of legal department

Fields of action

Abuse charges

Following the work of the investigation team, our legal department takes action to evaluate all the opportunities available for pressing charges. In this way, we have succeeded in bringing the owners of factory farms to trial for the first time in Italy. In addition to strictly enforcing the existing laws that protect farm animals, we are setting important legal precedents for the defense of these animals.

Closing down farms

By means of exposures and pressing charges, we act on any possible violation that we find on factory farms, including health-related or environmental issues. Thanks to these activities, we have been able to expose numerous issues and get them discussed in the media, as well as closing farms or imposing huge fines on them.

Toward a ban on fur farming

The aim is a law banning these farms. Alongside a campaign to get the issue discussed in parliament, we have worked with the legal department to press numerous charges and apply legal strategies to individual farms, leading to the closure of some of the largest fur farms in Italy.

Better laws in Italy and Europe

With the work of our lawyers and specific campaigns we work to change national and Eueopean laws that regulate farming, transporting, and slaughtering animals. We aim to ban the cruelest standard practices in factory farming, but also call for stringent controls and harder consequences for those who mistreat animals.

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