Institutional change

We work hard every day to make the world a better place for animals

By changing laws we can obtain long-term positive impacts for a high number of animals. Our campaigns target national and EU institutions, asking for the abolition of practices that are cruel to animals, higher standards, and legal protection for farm animals.


The European Citizens’ Initiative “Fur Free Europe” calls on the EU to ban fur farms and farmed fur products from the European market.

1,5 million validated signatures have been collected and the EU Commission stated that a fur-farming ban is possible, pending an EFSA scientific assessment before March 2025.


The Italian End the Cage Age coalition has been created to make pressure on our Government and ask for support on a law banning cages all over Europe. The role of Italy in the EU is crucial, this is why we need Italian ministers to fully support the next steps of this historic move that would change the fate of 300 million animals now raised in cages on the continent.


Europe’s animal welfare laws were introduced piece by piece over the last 40 years, but they are rarely enforced correctly, and there are serious gaps that leave millions of animals unprotected. Along with Eurogroup for Animals we launched this campaign with seven demands because animal welfare laws must do more than protect every animal from neglect and cruelty, and minimize their suffering; they should actively promote a positive state of health and wellbeing.



We united with other Italian organizations in order to stop a misleading “animal welfare” label on animal products from standard factory farms, even those with sow stalls and tail docking. This proposal from the Government would deceive consumers and damage animals.


European Citizens want more protection for animals in the EU. This is the reason why a large number of organizations are asking to install an Animal Welfare Commissioner.


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