We want the world to become a better place for animals and work hard every day to achieve this.

Each of our campaigns has specific objectives and aims to achieve concrete results, both in the short and long term. Studies, strategy and dedication underlie each of these projects. So do the voices of many of our supporters who lend strength to ,petitions and protests on social media or on the streets, making it possible for them to succeed.



  • Risorsa 14 165.000 signatures collected
  • Broadcast on Tg2 and TGR

Every year, more than 9 million pigs are slaughtered in Italy. All these animals are born on farms where the piglets endure mutilations such as tail-cutting and castration with no anaesthetic, and their mothers are imprisoned in cages so small that they can’t even turn around. In the short term, the SosPig project aims to eliminate the most serious forms of physical and psychological violence that are still widespread today.



  • Covered by The Guardian and 20 other media
  • Risorsa 14 96.000 signatures collected
  • Risorsa 15 Voted best campaign of 2018 by Eurogroup for Animals

More than half of the fish sold comes not from the sea, but from intensive fish farms. Essere Animali has documented every aspect of these farms, highlighting very serious problems for these animals that are little considered and enjoy no protection. In addition to informing consumers about the characteristics of these animals and aiming to reduce their consumption, the Fish Suffer Too campaign is also aimed at major retailers and calls for the elimination of the most harmful practices that are currently common on farms.



  • Risorsa 15 Blocked the opening of 4 farms and closed 8
  • Risorsa 15 7 council motions against fur farming
  • Risorsa 14 Over 250,000 signatures submitted
  • Broadcast on Tg1, Striscia la notizia, Report

We first brought the presence of mink farms in Italy to the attention of the general public with no less than three investigations. Many European countries have already banned this practice, and our aim is to achieve the same result in our own country. Pending a national ban, for which most parties in parliament have given us their formal commitment, the campaign has contributed to a significant drop in the number of animals killed in our country.



  • Risorsa 15 11.500 supermarkets in 13 chains are no longer selling foie gras
  • Risorsa 14 184,000 signatures collected
  • Broadcast on Rai 2 and Rai 3

Although the production of foie gras in Italy is prohibited, selling it is not. After publishing an investigation into French farms, we launched this campaign with the aim of eliminating foie gras from major retailers. Almost all national and regional chains have joined our campaign and today it is virtually impossible to find this cruel product in Italian supermarkets.


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