About us

Essere Animali aims to create a society that recognises the rights of animals, leaving them free to live life on their own terms.

Our mission

To end factory farming and promote the transition to a food system that does not include the consumption of animal products.

Strategic approach

Essere Animali adopts a multilevel approach with a global vision. We interface with institutions, both national and international, to change laws, denounce mistreatments and shift funding towards a new food model, free of animal suffering and more sustainable for the environment; with companies to improve animal welfare policies, ensure compliance with stricter standards at all stages of their production chain and promote plant-based nutrition; with citizens to create awareness and engage them in this change, also by means of their own personal choices.


Our values



Equality and inclusion
We believe in a world in which no living being is subject to discrimination and our organisation is therefore open to anyone; we do not discriminate on the basis of skin colour, appearance, sexual preference, gender identity or geographical origin.

Effectiveness and innovation
We continually analyse our projects in order to understand where Essere Animali has a greater impact and where there is room for improvement, keeping a constant eye on changes in society and in the animal rights movement, in order to always aim for the maximum result in the most effective way possible.

Authority and responsibilities
Essere Animali wishes to be considered a reliable source of information by all our stakeholders, so we always use authoritative sources and data and do not manipulate them to our advantage.

Collaboration and support
We wish to help create an animal rights movement that draws strength from collaboration, the exchange of information and ideas, and are therefore active in national and international coalitions.

Seriousness and transparency
The choices we make, the expenses we incur and the analyses of our projects and results must be visible to our supporters and those who follow us, as the seriousness of an association is also evaluated on the basis of its transparency.

Media collaborations

Essere Animali has a strong investigations program which strategically supports the rest of their campaigns and contributes to growing the capacity of the animal advocacy movement. They also work in a neglected and impactful area: improving the welfare of fishes. Essere Animali has a strong approach to strategic planning, goal-setting, and self-assessment.
Animal Charity Evaluators


For us, the effective use of funds is essential. We are proud to demonstrate that 73% of the funds raised by Essere Animali are directed towards the objectives of our mission.

  • 15% gestione

  • 10% development

  • 75% mission

    • 17% outreach

    • 34% campaigns

    • 18% investigations

    • 6% legal actions



of Essere Animali

The timeline

The team

Essere Animali is a team of competent and passionate people who work hard every day to make the world a better place.


Simone Montuschi

Co-founder | President

Brenda Ferretti

Co-founder | Campaigns manager

Claudio Pomo

Co-founder | Development manager

Francesco Ceccarelli

Co-founder | Head of investigations

Elisa Bianco

Corporate engagement manager

Chiara Caprio

Media and Institutional Relations manager

Angela Brancaccio

Operations manager

Lorenzo Gasperoni

Web designer and developer

Giuliana Mancini

Sustainability and Fundraising manager

Valentina Taglietti

Food Policy manager

Davide Zarri

Food policy officer

Caterina Pavese

Corporate engagement specialist

Caterina Usai

Donor care officer

Elena Turtas

Graphic designer

Lorenzo Bertolesi

Digital copywriter

Maria Mancuso

Media and Public Relations Officer

Miriana Tentori

Graphic Designer

Giada Giovanardi

Video editor

Luca Melotti

Scientific animal welfare specialist

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