New menu for Alstom: another success for the MenoPerPiù project

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New menu for Alstom: another success for the MenoPerPiù project

Valentina Taglietti
Food Policy Manager

Alstom Italia, the market leader in sustainable mobility in Italy and the rest of the world, is the latest in a long list of companies that have focused on MenoPerPiù (LessForMore) in order to innovate their canteen menus in a sustainable way.

September is the ideal month for changes, also at the table. The excellent and prolonged collaboration between Alstom Italy and our MenoPerPiù project has led to the launch of the new monthly menu enriched with 40 original, fresh, colourful and above all delicious plant-based offerings.

On Wednesday 14 September, a special all-vegan menu was served as a preview to allow for the tasting of the new ‘green’ dishes, and the new lunch formula was launched in the following days.

Valentina Taglietti, Food Policy Specialist at Essere Animali
© Essere Animali

The survey conducted among employees indicates that 9 out of 10 would like these dishes to be re-proposed in the future, confirming the growing public interest in dishes that are not only tasty but also environmentally sustainable and inclusive of those who have food restrictions due to choice or necessity.

From now on, the approximately 300 people who use the Alstom canteen in Sesto San Giovanni (MI) will find two plant-based dishes every day, prepared with entirely plant-based, seasonal ingredients with a low environmental impact.

How the partnership between Alstom and MenoPerPiù came about

Alstom has more than 3,700 employees in Italy. The collaboration of over 2.5 years, born during the pandemic, has allowed us to reach thousands of workers with our educational and dissemination activities that aim to raise awareness about the relationship between food, health and environmental sustainability.

In 2023, this convinced Alstom to go a step further, asking us to intervene in the canteen of one of its Italian plants and bring about a tangible change in what is consumed during the lunch break.

Durante il pranzo di inaugurazione il personale ha potuto avere informazioni sui vantaggi dell’alimentazione veg
© Essere Animali

Over the following months we trained the kitchen staff, both from a theoretical and practical point of view, with the fundamental support of our chef Emanuele Giorgione. We provided the company with recipes, procedures and projections on the food cost of all the new sustainable dishes, developed in line with the technical, productive and organisational needs of the Camst catering company.

An alliance that is good for health, the planet and animals

Plant-based nutrition, after all, represents a winning solution from many points of view. In addition to having a 75% lower ecological footprint than a diet with daily meat consumption, it plays a fundamental role in the prevention of the main non-communicable diseases – cancers, cardiovascular diseases and type 2 diabetes – and, last but not least, avoids the suffering of billions of animals every year.

The most recent FAO data tell us that 92.2 billion animals are killed every year for human consumption, mostly after a lifetime of suffering, imprisoned in factory farms, without seeing the light of day or being able to satisfy their ethological needs.

The increase in the global population and the progressive economic well-being have led to the doubling of global meat production over the past 50 years. Choosing a plant-based diet is a matter of justice towards animals and future generations.

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