Veg Week 2023: a big success again this year

Brenda Ferretti
Campaigns manager

Veg Week was once again a great success this year. Almost 26,000 people chose to try a diet that is friendly to animals, the environment and the planet.

An exceptional number of people registered for Veg Week this year, now in its ninth edition: no less than 25,908 participants! All of them received a guide — basically a free booklet full of advice, nutritional information, shopping plans and complete menus — containing the recipes of Anna Panna and Cucina Botanica and the indispensable nutritional advice of Dr. Silvia Goggi.

At the end of Veg Week we sent out a survey to those who participated, as we do every year, and 1,249 people responded. For us, this survey is truly important as it allows us to assess the usefulness of the project and how to improve it from year to year.

54% of those who participated in Veg Week this year had never tried a plant-based diet before. 46% were over 50 years old and about 40% between 20 and 39 years old. Almost 70% of those who took part in the initiative live in Northern Italy, 19% in the Central regions and the rest in the South, in the Islands or abroad. The vast majority also said they followed a non-vegan diet and were therefore taking the opportunity to try it.

The main objective of those who participated in Veg Week was to reduce their consumption of animal products, followed by learning more about the vegan choice and becoming vegan. In addition, more than 60% of the participants managed to eat 100% plant-based for at least 5 days. 98% also say that Veg Week helped them in their goal and 88% will continue to follow a vegan diet.

As happens every year, the main motivation for trying Veg Week was animals for more than half of the participants (67%), followed by the environment (19%) and health (14%). In terms of obstacles to making the vegan choice, more than half of people indicate practicality as the main motivation, followed by social pressures, taste and flavours, economic choice and finally health fears. Nevertheless, 99% of the participants found it a useful experience and would recommend it to others.