Veganuary 2022: Italy in the top 5 countries!

Brenda Ferretti
Campaigns manager

2 million participants since the vegan challenge was launched in 2014, and over 600,000 this year alone. Italians are among the most enthusiastic about the initiative and Milan is the 3rd biggest city overall – just behind Santiago and London.

Veganuary 2022 was a huge success and we couldn’t be more proud! For the first time this year, the largest vegan initiative in the world reached every corner of the globe – with the sole exception of Tajikistan and North Korea – involving 629,351 participants in 228 countries and territories, almost 47,000 more than last year.

Every year, Veganuary breaks the record of the previous year and this year marked 2 million participants since the initiative was first launched in 2014. Italy ranked fifthlast year it ranked seventh  – with Milan as the third city globally with the most participants after Santiago and London.

This year – for the first time – more people signed up in the United States than in any other country, with the United Kingdom a close second. The ranking also includes India, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, making South America the region with the largest number of participants.

Over 45 companies participated in Veganuary in Italy

This year, we worked with over 45 companies and 24 restaurants in Italy to help them join Veganuary: a team effort that allowed us to introduce a plant-based diet to an even wider audience. These companies offered their customers new vegan products, special offers and tasty new plant-based options on the menu. 

Here is the complete list of participating companies: Aldi, Capatoast, Rossopomodoro, Deliveroo, Hamerica’s, Flower Burger, Macai, Sanasana, Altromercato, Koro, TheFork, Per Pranzo, Alpro, Lush, Aveda, cameo, Probios, Heura Foods, Future Farm, Pangea Foods, Bontasana, Il Cashewficio, Vegamo, Food Evolution, Vegfather, Alinor, allegro natura, Naturaly lab, Plantabox, Very’s, Mozzarisella, The optimistic apple, In-vece, Querciabella, Domenis1898, Special foods, Erbivorix, Cerreto bio, Mediterranea bioveg, Casa del fermentino, Tiberino 1888.