VICTORY! Italy to ban fur farms starting from 2022

Simone Montuschi

Today’s decision by the Italian Senate Budget Committee puts an end to fur farms in Italy starting from next year. The five fur farms that are still active will be able to keep their animals by and no later than 30 June 2022.

We fought so hard to be able to finally receive this great news. The ban on fur farming is a goal that we set ourselves when we founded our association in 2011. We were the the first to document and film the conditions of the animals living in these structures.

stop ai nuovi allevamenti di visoni
One of our actions to ask for a ban on fur farming in Italy.
© Essere Animali

Today, after so many years, we are incredibly happy to announce this result, which marks another step towards the end of fur farming globally. Soon there will be no more mink farms in our country, there will be no more animals closed in those cages, forced to die in gas chambers. Soon that suffering will be just a sad memory of the past.

This result was achieved thanks to all the people who supported us through this campaign, those who signed petitions, those who participated in the mobilizations we organised and those who made their voices heard. Our thanks go to all of you: together we have achieved a historic result.