New campaign to change the future of millions of animals in Europe

Claudio Pomo
Development manager

At this historic moment, we have an unprecedented opportunity: to intervene in European legislation on factory-farmed animals. We have therefore joined the Eurogroup for Animals campaign ‘No Animal Left Behind’.

Together with 69 other organisations, we are participating in the No Animal Left Behind campaign organised by Eurogroup for Animals to call for the revision of European legislation on farming, transport and slaughter. The European Commission is currently assessing the legislation that protects farmed animals in the context of the Farm to Fork strategy, an initiative aimed at making the European food system fairer, healthier and more environmentally friendly. A review like this is not only rare and long-awaited, but also the first of its kind.

As our investigations have repeatedly shown, the current European legislation in this area is not enough to protect billions of animals every year; on the contrary, it is a total failure. Chickens, pigs, cows, hens, sheep and fish are imprisoned in inadequate spaces, without natural light and fresh air, and left to suffer the effects of mutilations, wounds and cages.

Alternatively, they are transported alive for days or even weeks within the European Union and in third countries, exposing them to stress, dehydration, injuries, diseases and even death. As well as being inadequate, the current legislation has regulatory gaps in key areas, such as aquaculture and rabbit farming. The result is daily suffering for billions of animals, and urgent intervention is required.

For years, our investigations have provided evidence of how farms are places of extreme suffering for animals. All this has to change. Together with Eurogroup for Animals and the associations involved in this campaign, we are calling on the European Commission to ensure that there is a large-scale review of the current legislation and that no animals are forgotten.

In September, we want to take more than 500,000 signatures to Brussels. Add your own signature to ask for a better future for animals in Europe. Sign the petition.