Italy: mink farms banned for the whole 2021

Simone Montuschi

Health Minister Roberto Speranza has signed an ordinance which suspends mink farming activities until the end of 2021.

The order by which Minister Speranza temporarily stopped the activities of fur farms would have expired at the end of February. A few days after the end of the measure, we are happy to learn that the suspension will cover the entire year, saving the lives of 35,000 animals.

An important result, which depended on the commitment and effort of many of our activists. Two weeks ago, together with LAV, we made our voices heard in front of the Ministry of Health in Rome, asking Minister Speranza to modify the temporary suspension of mink farming and to introduce a definitive breeding ban.

This is an important result, but it is not enough: the next step is to bring in a permanent ban. In fact, in addition to being cruel places for animals, mink farms are also hotbeds of coronavirus, where mutations dangerous for humans, can originate. We are not the only ones saying this: a few days ago, Eurogroup for Animals and Fur Free Alliance published a scientific study that highlights the risks associated with the spread of Sars-CoV-2 and the intensive breeding of mink.

The ordinance signed today is an important result, but obviously it does not yet mean the definitive closure for mink and fur animal farms in Italy. For a year, no animals will be born in those sad and tiny cages. And in this time, we will be able, thanks to this suspension, to work to obtain a definitive ban.

The end of fur farming is getting closer and we are proud to be at the forefront of this historic battle. We will certainly not stop here.

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