A difficult year
but full
of achievements

Our 2020 in a video

We have reached the end of a very complicated and sad year in which celebrating good news has become more important than ever. Despite the difficulties, we never stood still even for a moment and are particularly keen to share the many results achieved in defence of animals in 2020. We have to thank each of you for these results: everyone who participates in our campaigns, sends a protest email, signs a petition, makes a donation or simply shares a video to help raise awareness. Thank you for choosing to defend animals!

Watch the video of our 2020


In 2020, we released 6 investigations in the media revealing the reality of factory farms supplying major brands such as Aia and Beretta, but also showing fish farms in Greece and violence against lambs in Sardinia.
Our investigations were published by national and regional news programmes, investigative programmes and media outlets such as Corriere della Sera and La Repubblica.

100 farm inspections

Despite the strict travel restrictions, our investigation team never stopped and checked out over 100 farms following reports or accompanying journalists and photojournalists.

134 days
of undercover work

Our undercover investigators spent 134 days working undercover on farms and in slaughterhouses, putting themselves at great risk and witnessing terrible animal abuse.

22+ million

saw our images on TV in 2020

Essere Animali has a strong investigations program which strategically supports the rest of their campaigns and contributes to growing the capacity of the animal advocacy movement.
Animal Charity Evaluator recognised Essere Animali as a Standout Charity – one of the most effective organisations in the world.

We closed
the horror


Thanks to strong mobilisation and the work of our legal department, we were able to close the farm where in 2018 one of our investigators filmed the killing of a sow with a sledgehammer. This year, we reported another 11 farms for animal abuse and illegal acts.

We also announced the closure of three mink farms, in Cella di Noceto (PR), Offanengo (CR) and Dovera (CR), after years of pressure and reports aimed at putting an end to the production of fur: cruel to animals and dangerous to public health.

EA in action

This year it has been difficult to organise public activities, which has forced us to review or eliminate many projects. However, we did not give up and when the situation permitted we organised activities outside farms, leafleting, protests and flashmobs.

2020 was also marked by an increase in online activism, involving activists in national and international pressure campaigns. Thousands of you participated in direct mobilisations to the European Parliament to call for a halt to the funding of factory farms and to stop the censorship of plant-based foods, as well as those to call the Italian government for the closure of mink farms.


Io scelgo veg

This year, we involved 50,000 people in our projects aimed at promoting a vegan diet. In January, we brought Veganuary, to Italy for the first time as official partners of this vegan challenge. The largest vegan initiative in the world, Veganuary recently exceeded one million participants. In 2020, we updated the graphics and completely revised the content of our website IoScelgoVeg.it, (I Choose Veg), creating new guides to help people move towards a diet that is friendly to animals and the environment.


Our commitment to defending fish, by far the least protected animals, is growing. We are shining a light on what happens on intensive fish farms and raising awareness of the characteristics and capabilities of these animals. We are also continuing our discussions with numerous large-scale retail chains, asking them to adhere to requests regarding their supplier farms. We have become an active part of the Aquatic Animal Alliance, a coalition of the most important global organisations, created to build a movement in defence of aquatic animals all over the world.


With our MenoPerPiù (Less For More) project that aims to change the food offered in canteens, we have found a way to enter the business sector even during this age of smartworking. We have designed online training courses and cooking workshops for the employees of around ten major Italian and international companies. By engaging the employees, we can continue to make companies part of a global shift.



Imagine a world without slaughterhouses, cages and violence against animals. The road is still long and uphill, but with your help we will continue to do our utmost to build the future we all want.

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